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& max wanger print shop, this ‘tulum’ print comes framed and ready to hang on your wall. quantities are limited! please visit for more details While primarily dedicated to helping empaths and sensitive persons, you'll also learn helpful stress management recommendations on Beacons of Change. Here, you’ll find articles that teach you ways to balance giving to others without exhausting your own mental and physical health. the bulk of the blogs are flagged as 1- to 2-minute reads, while some are for much longer . This feature can assist you identify important topics to read supported the quantity of your time you've got , instead of adding on more stress. Continue reading

product info:

print size: 16×24
frame size: 21×29
paper: fuji deep matte photo paper
frame: white wood (0.75 width)
matte: white (2 inch)


UV acrylic – Tendons are bands of thick connective tissue that connect muscles to bones. The Iliopsoas tendon starts in the lower lumbar spine and descends across the hip joint and groin to attach to the thigh bone. It can be irritated by a number of different factors which include retained cement , excessively long screws, or improper sized hip implant. Iliopsoas tendonitis is an increasingly frequent cause of groin pain. Pain is typically localized in the groin.Pelvic Fracture In surgery, the hip implant is hammered forcefully into place which can cause a pelvic fracture. Patients with poor bone density are at increased risk for pelvic fracture. the UV filter protects against environmental factors such as light, heat, pollution and humidity, which can quickly fade and discolor your artwork. compared to glass, acrylic offers superior UV protection, lower glare, greater durability (less chance of breaking and damaging your art) and lighter weight, making it safer and easier to ship, handle and hang.

conservation matboard – prevents acid mat burn which causes yellowish-brown stains to appear around the edges of your object and can also makes the paper brittle and weak.

ArtCare archival acid free foam core backing – protects artwork from corroding acids found in regular foam core board

100% wood mouldings


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sifting through my archives the other night, i realized i had tons of images that i’d always meant to share, but just hadn’t had the time to assemble and post. i’m happy to finally be able to blog some of these shots (a combination of family, engagement, wedding and editorial work) from the past 7 months. thanks, as always, for visiting and looking! cheers, mw.


a couple months ago, i put together a kids shoot playing on the idea of “hide & seek.” huge thank yous to dane, sarah, nyrie, rachel, dara, michelle & sheila for your incredible talents. this shoot wouldn’t have come together without your help. and thank you to all the kids and parents who braved the heat and spent the day with us! below are a handful of favorites. mw


cereal is a beautiful magazine, worthy of collecting and displaying proudly on your coffee table or bookshelf. i couldn’t be more excited to have shot this surf story for their newest volume. visit their website here for more info and to subscribe! mw


life with a new baby makes it tough to stay on top of things, and unfortunately, this blog is one of the things that’s been neglected. but now that i’m starting to find a little more time here and there to catch up with work, i’m going to do my best to post a little more often because i have a lot of work that i’m excited to share! below, a handful of images from a recent family session in los angeles. hope you enjoy. mw


portraits in sunny santa monica. mw


we just got home from a little weekend getaway in ojai with a bunch of friends. for us, it felt like the official start of summer. it’s been a blast traveling everywhere with our little guy, he’s definitely a trooper. below, a few snapshots. you can follow more of our adventures on instagram here and heremw


i had the wonderful opportunity to work with vans again a few months ago. below is one of the ads that’s currently running in the latest issue of vice as well as some other shots from a crazy, larger-than-life, afternoon spent in downtown LA. mw


simple, beautiful and as intimate as can be. mw

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